Programs & Services


When you first arrive at CCI Ottawa, a receptionist on the main floor will greet you and get a brief description of the service you want. In order to be served, you will need to do an intake. That means providing us with details such as name, address, status (PR, etc.) After you are registered as a client, we can serve you. To see what workshops we are running this month, please click here.


The Settlement Program helps permanent residents, temporary foreign workers, international students, and other newcomers. We can help you with permanent residency, Canadian citizenship, youth programs and housing. Click here to find out more or call 613-232-9634. 


Do you want to practise your English or French? Join our Conversation Circles where you and other newcomers get to practise your English with a volunteer. Contact: [email protected].


Our employment team can help you with resumes, cover letters, online job applications, job searches and more. Workshops are held twice a month. Weekly e-newsletter provides more tips and job links. Contact: [email protected]. or [email protected]


The Community Connections Program helps you feel at home through workshops, fun field trips, meeting Canadians and activities for every age group. You can call Community Connections at 613-232-9634. Click here for more information.


For young newcomers, ages 14-29, we offer a variety of social, recreational and sport activities to help you make friends, have fun or learn a new skill. Contact: [email protected]. 613-232-9634.


Career Transitions helps internationally-trained healthcare professionals find work in their field in Canada or transition to a new career. Click here to visit the Career Transitions page.


We operate two sponsorship agreements: the Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporation of Ottawa’s sponsorship agreement, which mostly serves local parishes, and a second sponsorship agreement for CCI itself, which serves groups of any affiliation. CCI provides all sponsors with assistance with applications and, as a settlement agency, it offers connection to pre-arrival information on the settlement process and post-arrival counselling. Click here for more information.


The Pastoral Program helps to link newcomers with their faith communities. This activity is based on the recognition that in order to succeed in their new environment, newcomers often need the kind of support that a connection with a faith community can provide. Click here for more information.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Call us at 613-232-9634 or fill out the form below.