Youth Program

These services involve newcomer youth, ages 14 to 29, in activities that promote positive engagement for smooth community integration.

Program activities include:

  • free social and recreational activities
  • school support during the school year
  • support to expand their social network
  • exploring post-secondary school opportunities
  • résumé and job search support
  • English or French language practice
  • Referrals and Connections:

Program staff will connect youth to local community centres, Job Connect programs, volunteer opportunities and other resources.

Our October 2019 calendar


Volunteer Opportunities with the Youth Program:

Volunteer participation is essential to the success of our program activities. Volunteering with CCI is a way to share your talents, gain workplace experience and contribute to your community. We post all volunteer opportunities on our Volunteers page. Please visit regularly to check out any new opportunities.

Youth Program Contact Information:

Karen Molina: 613-232-9634, ext. 394

Facebook: CCI Ottawa Youth Program

Immigrants represent almost one quarter of the population of the City of Ottawa.

Welcoming Newcomers to Ottawa since 1954

CCI Ottawa celebrated our 65th anniversary in 2019. Your contribution as a Donor, Member, or Volunteer tells us that you value the work we do together to integrate newcomers from every part of the world.

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