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Welcome to CCI Ottawa

How We Help

We have been helping newcomers to Ottawa settle and integrate into their new community for more than 65 years. We can help you feel at home. Below are some of the services we offer.

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How You Can Help

When you help a newcomer family in Ottawa, you are making an investment in Canada’s future. You are helping some of our most vulnerable residents thrive. Here’s how you can help today!

Planned Giving

Housing Ukrainians

We need your help. Every day Ukrainian refugees are arriving in Ottawa. And they need a place to stay. We are looking for hosts who can temporarily provide accommodation to Ukrainian individuals, couples and families. Recently, we hired two Ukrainian newcomers to help us provide housing and other settlement services to other Ukrainian newcomers. They would love to connect with you. Please email us. Together, we can build a more welcoming community.

Students walk down the hallway.

Program helps international students

Tens of thousands of international students arrive in Canada every year with the dream of receiving a world class education. After they earn their degree and experience life in Canada, many choose to stay. But the path to permanent residency is not always an easy one....

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Hayfaa tells her refugee story

I am a refugee claimant, single mom with two daughters, Mariam (11) and Rama (10). I came to Canada on September 30, 2021. l was living with my brother and his family (his wife and a baby boy). After 1 month and through a family member, I came to know about Sofiane...

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From Turkey to Ottawa

When most students were enjoying the last of their summer vacation, 21-year-old Asan was writing two exams. The young woman from Turkey, who moved to Ottawa in 2019 with her parents and two brothers, needed two more English high school courses before she could attend...

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