Client Support Services

Empowering and Embracing Government Assisted Refugees

The Client Support Services Program (CSS) provides, by referral only, intensive support and settlement services to government assisted refugees (GARs).

CSS Services:

  • Provide GARs with a warm, welcoming and safe environment, the essential support and services for a more positive settlement experience in Canada. The services are confidential, non-discriminatory and culturally sensitive.
  • Provide intensive case management where clients are located and in the clients’ language of choice.
  • Assess the clients’ needs, help to resolve any issue; and provide appropriate referrals to other services in the community.
  • Provide information sessions on life in Canada; and  practical guidance to cope with everyday living, such as how to find a place to live, where to learn a new language, how to obtain Canadian documents, how to find work, how to get medical assistance, how to access social services, banking, shopping and much more.
  • Engage community partners, to help improve clients’ access to services in the community.

Youth Program

We offer services and activities for youth. For more information visit our Youth Program page.

For more Information on Client Support Services, please contact Paul Soubliere.

Immigrants represent almost one quarter of the population of the City of Ottawa.

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