Empowering newcomers, fostering
inclusivity, and building a stronger Canadian society



Our Mission


  • Promote and facilitate the reception of newcomers to Canada
  • Sensitize the community to address newcomers’ needs and invite it to respond
  • Assist newcomers to realize their full potential in Canadian Society

Our Principles


  • Commit to social justice in all policies, programs and services
  • Provide of assistance to newcomers regardless of race, national or ethnic origin, religion, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, mental or physical ability
  • Use approaches that are empowering, client-centered, and that address the physical, psychological, social and spiritual dimensions of the person
  • Recognize the central importance of the human resources of the Centre – volunteers, staff and members
  • Commit to provide services in both official languages
  • Provide multilingual services to newcomers
  • Commit to work with related agencies, community organizations, and various faith groups, especially the parishes of the area, and
  • Be accountable to stakeholders – funders, creditors and the community-at-large