Career Transition for Internationally Trained Healthcare Professional

Career Transitions

For Internationally Trained Healthcare Professionals

Career Transitions is a comprehensive online employment preparation program for internationally trained health professionals that connects with employers and community partners.

The program provides focused training to help participants transition their skills and knowledge into healthcare-related roles in Ontario. There is no cost for participating in the Career Transitions Program. Our team also works with employers and community partners to connect them to qualified candidates for a variety of healthcare-related positions. Career Transitions is a program under Employment Ontario, spearheaded by the Catholic Centre for Immigrants in collaboration with World Skills.

Career Transitions for International Healthcare Professionals at CCI Ottawa

For Clients

Who are we?

We are part of CCI Ottawa & our Career Transitions program helps internationally trained health professionals join the Canadian workforce. Some will find alternative careers in the health care field, working in research, community health, academics or the private sector in Ontario.

We also help Employers find skilled healthcare professionals for their organization.

Career Transitions for International Healthcare Professionals at CCI Ottawa

How can we help you?

We guide you through understanding the Canadian health sector and navigating the steps needed to work in your field.

From tailored Canadian market resumes, cover letters to mock interviews, we assist with practical aspects to ensure you make a great first impression.

Whether pursuing a fresh start or transitioning to a new career in healthcare, we help you explore new possibilities and follow your dreams.

Our assigned employment counsellors offer personalized assistance whenever you need it.

Our 11 workshops are designed to hone your skills, improve your knowledge, and provide comprehensive insights into the Canadian healthcare sector.

Benefit from our workshops, crafted to refine your skills and deepen your understanding, all while leveraging our extensive partnerships with employers for enhanced career opportunities.

Eligibility Criteria

  • You must be an internationally trained healthcare professional.
  • Permanent Resident, Refugee Claimant with valid work permit, Convention Refugee or foreign-born Canadian citizen
  • Entitled to work in Canada.
  • Canadian Language Benchmark 7 or higher
  • Resident of Ontario 

Services Offered

Canadian Healthcare Sector

We will provide you with an overview of the healthcare sector in Canada, the certifications and degrees you need to pursue your career, as well as general facts about the industry.

Action Plan Meeting

This is your opportunity to meet one-on-one with your Job Developer and discuss a job search strategy that is customized to your goals. This meeting will provide you with valuable information about your options and the steps to take to move forward. Most importantly it gives your Job Developer the opportunity to learn more about you and how to connect you with the right opportunities.

Resumes & Cover Letter

A resume and cover letter is your first impression with a potential employer. Your talent and experience alone will not win an employer over if you present yourself in anything but a professional and welcoming manner. We’ll provide you with the tools to make a great first impression

Mock Interviews

A mock interview is a great chance to practice your skills and receive valuable feedback on how you can improve. You’ll also get suggestions about what the employer might be looking for and how you can tailor your answers to reflect that. Prepare as if it were a real interview – review your answers to specific questions.

Social Media

In Canada, social media is a powerful tool to market yourself as a healthcare professional. It’s also a useful tool for receiving job alerts, learning more about various healthcare companies, and connecting with employers and employees in your field.

Ongoing Support

During the Career Transitions Program, you will continue to receive support from the team. You will receive weekly emails with job postings, volunteer opportunities, networking and learning events. ongoing support with resumes, cover letters and applications, special opportunities based on your specific talents and skills from employers and community partners.

For Employers

Are you looking for skilled, experienced health professionals who are ready to make a contribution to your organization?

Our Career Transitions job developers can save your organization time and resources by providing a pool of qualified candidates that match your requirements for the job profile.

There is no cost to employers to access our services.

  • Are all internationally trained and have experience in a variety of healthcare roles.
  • Have completed a 35-hour workshop on the Canadian healthcare sector and Canadian workplace culture.
  • Are prepared to transfer their wealth of knowledge and experience into new roles.
  • Have worked closely with the learning and development team to develop strategies for success during the application, interview and retention process.
  • Are proficient in English, French (or both) and are eligible to work in Canada.
  • Program staff work with you to determine the needs of your organization.
  • Job developers will pre-screen candidates to applicants who fit your needs.
  • Only qualified candidates will be forwarded to your organization.
Organizations That Have Benefited from our Program
  • Ottawa Public Health
  • Public Health Agency of Canada
  • CIHR – Canadian Institute of Health Research
  • The Ottawa Hospital
  • Appletree Medical Group
  • Assurance Home Care
  • BioTalent Canada
  • Centretown Community Health Centre
  • Chadha Medical Clinic
  • Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO)
  • Gamma Dynacare
  • GEM Health Care Services
  • Mobile Dental Unit – The Ottawa Mission
  • Medical Pharmacies Group
  • Medical Scribes of Canada
  • Canadian Red Cross
  • Ottawa Newcomer Centre
  • Ottawa Heart Institute
  • Pinecrest-Queensway Community Health Centre
  • University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine

Funded By

CCI Ottawa

The Catholic Centre for Immigrants has been welcoming newcomers in Ottawa since 1954. We help refugees and immigrants adapt and integrate into Canadian society. We want every newcomer to reach their full potential. We provide programs and services to all newcomers regardless of race, national or ethnic origin, religion, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, mental or physical ability

Employment Ontario

Employment Ontario help you get the training, skills and experience you need to achieve your goals. They connect people looking for work with employers looking for workers, and have locations across the province to help with job search and employment and training opportunities.

In Partnership with

World Skills

Founded by Local Agencies Serving Immigrants, a coalition of settlement agencies in Ottawa, World Skills is a non-profit employment centre dedicated exclusively to the employment needs of newcomers and to the needs of the local labour market. We help immigrants incorporate into the workforce through employment competency building, job search training and support, cultural competency building and language training.

Testimonials from our clients

“The person who was running the program was a very good communicator. He was very realistic about my options. As a German, I appreciated his bluntness. He (the program leader) suggested a licence might not be the way to go. He suggested I look for alternative ways to use my skills. I always had a soft spot for mind-body issues, so I started to look at what I could do there. I really appreciated meeting other health professionals who were facing similar challenges. And it really helped me to have the Catholic Centre for Immigrants guide me and give me a realistic outlook on what I could be doing.

Inga Bohnekamp

I am writing to thank you because you give me support to apply to Montfort hospital job. I am glad to tell you that I was accepted in the position and I am now starting with the hospital. It was not possible without your help. So, thank you so much.


Thank you for the support in preparing me and others for a successful career transition in Canada. I am glad to announce that I have been offered a position as a User Experience Researcher at Macadamian, I will ensure to stay in touch and refer as many people as I consider need your services because I really enjoyed every interaction with the team.


Success stories our clients

Ibrahim's Journey from Public Policy Expert in Afghanistan to National Program Manager in Canada with the Support of CT-IHP OBTP Program
Ibrahim, a newcomer to Canada. Having a lot of experience in public policy back home in Afghanistan, he faced difficulties finding his first job in Canada despite his education and experience., However, with the help of the Career Transition- International Health Professions (CT-IHP) OBTP Program, he was able to tailor his resume and find job openings, ultimately securing his first Canadian job as the National Program Manager with Refugee 613 in Ottawa.
The program provided him with tools to build a compelling LinkedIn profile, which helped him network and connect with professionals in his field, providing him insights into the job market and trends. With these tools and strategies, he secured a job as a program manager and is now making a positive impact in his organization and community.
Furthermore, CT-IHP supported him with job search strategies and information on industry-specific requirements. Although he faced challenges along the way, Ibrahim persevered with the support of the program and is now a full-time employee, proud of this achievement.
Ibrahim said bout his employment counsellor: “I found you a great human being, a committed professional, and a supportive leader. Thank you very much, your support is much appreciated
Triumph Through Transition: Maryam's Inspiring Journey from Clinician in a New Country to Scientific Evaluator at Health Canada with the Guidance of CT-IHP Program

Maryam, a clinician new to Canada had always very much been interested in patient safety and wanted to pursue a career in that field in her new country. As per the client: “As my Doctorate was in science, I needed to hear and learn more about the Canadian healthcare perspective”. Client faced challenges navigating the healthcare system and discovering the Career Transitions for International Health Professionals (CT-IHP) Program was pivotal, broadening her understanding and enhancing her career profile. 

According to Maryam, CT_IHP is: “Definitely a positive experience, the lectures about Canadian healthcare show you a bigger picture than what you know. As professionals, we all try to set up a good career profile for ourselves, a decent CV, LinkedIn, Interview preparation, among other things. But no, you can never be as good as someone who has a specialty in the field and for sure they can point out the weak points of your CV, interview skills and professional profiles”.  


Expressing her enthusiasm, Maryam stated, “The program is indispensable for professional success in Canada. Attending this program is as necessary as buying good winter clothes, gloves, and boots!! 😉 


Despite relocation, language barriers, and post-COVID job market challenges, Maryam persevered, adapting to remote work and shifting research focus amid personal responsibilities. 

She advised to others IHPs: “Break down goals, embrace agility, and hit smaller targets consistently.”  

Accessing the program seamlessly, Maryam praised specialists’ unwavering support. She said: “I couldn’t have any better support”. Her employment specialist, accessible through various channels and at different times during the week, played a crucial role.  


Maryam wholeheartedly recommended the Career Transitions Program, emphasizing its role as a community empowering tool for professionals to overcome obstacles. Her story illustrates the transformative impact of tailored support programs on navigating new career landscapes. 

Maryam is now working as a Scientific Evaluator at Health Canada