Maison Sophia Reception House

Established in November 1988, Maison Sophia Reception House (formerly Maison Thérèse Dallaire) is a temporary, by referral only, residential facility for government-assisted refugees (GARs) and refugee claimants.


  • to be an integral part of the settlement services in the community
  • to be responsive to the needs of the clients
  • to encourage multi-agency support


By providing for the basic needs of newcomers in their flight from starvation, war, violence or political turmoil and by creating an educational and supportive environment, we dramatically reduce the time needed by newcomers to become settled and self-sufficient in their new community.

Staffed around the clock, with 24 rooms that accommodate a maximum of 96 people, the Centre provides complete food services, common lounge areas and laundry facilities, as well as a warm and friendly environment where newcomers can feel safe and welcome.

During their stay at the Centre, newcomers are provided with basic food, shelter, and clothing and are given the information and counselling they need to begin their new lives in Canada.

Maison Sophia Reception House strives to meet the physical, social and psychological needs of newcomers by providing:

  • temporary accommodation for 3-4 weeks
  • workshops on life in Canada
  • three communal meals a day
  • housing search support
  • a children’s program
  • computer with Internet access and Wi-Fi
  • referrals to government services and community organizations
  • transportation to permanent accommodation
  • assistance with settling into a new home
  • home visits / life skills support

For more information, please contact Maison Sophia Reception House:

(Please note the Catholic Centre for Immigrant’s main office is at 219 Argyle Avenue. If you are currently not a resident of Reception House, please visit 219 Argyle Ave. first).

Tel: 613-232-9634
Fax: 613-789-3574