Employment Services

Employment Services


The Catholic Centre for Immigrants has several employment service programs that help newcomers find work or transition to new careers in Canada.

Career Transitions for Health Professionals

CCI, in partnership with World Skills, delivers the Career Transitions Program for internationally trained health care professionals. This program provides focused training for unemployed or under-employed health care professionals. Click here for contact information.

Settlement Online Pre-Arrival Program

CCI and World Skills are proud to be co-providers for Ontario of the Settlement Online Pre-Arrival (SOPA) Program. The main purpose of this initiative is to deliver a series of online courses to people who intend to come to Canada. Click here for more information.

Employment Services

As part of our Community and Employment Connections Program, we offer a variety of workshops and one-on-one sessions to newcomers who want to improve their job prospects. We offer services to youth and adults. Newcomers will learn how to build a resume, make a good first impression in an interview, and how to succeed in a job interview. We post workshop dates and job opportunities on our CCI Youth Facebook page. For more information on how we help newcomers prepare for the job market, please visit our CCI Employment Team page or contact ana.lopez@cciottawa.ca.

World Skills

World Skills is a separate agency located in the same building as the Catholic Centre for Immigrants. Founded as a settlement service in 1997 by Local Agencies Serving Immigrants (LASI), World Skills helps thousands of immigrants to integrate into the local labour market through language training, cultural competency building, and job search support. For more information on World Skills services, please click here.