Pastoral Program

Linking Newcomers to Spiritual Support

The Pastoral Program helps to link newcomers with their faith communities. This activity is based on the recognition that in order to succeed in their new environment, newcomers often need the kind of support that a connection with a faith community can provide.

This program offers members of faith communities throughout the city the opportunity to live their faith and convictions through positive action. It also offers them the opportunity to demonstrate their ongoing commitment to social justice.

The Pastoral Program works with faith groups and newcomers to:

  • Support newcomers in making contact with the appropriate faith communities to meet their spiritual needs, whatever their religious background,
  • Inform all of Ottawa’s faith groups about CCI’s mission with respect to settlement and integration,
  • Expand CCI’s partnerships with faith communities through networking and collaboration in order to promote various forms of participation in our common goal of “Building a Welcoming Community.”
  • Create and maintain partnerships with various refugee-serving groups to assist in advocacy and protection of refugees.

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