Matching Program

The program provides one-on-one support to help newcomers adjust and integrate into life in Canada by introducing recent immigrants and refugees to established members of the Ottawa community. Matches between newcomers and volunteers can be one-on-one, family-to-family, or one volunteer with a newcomer family, with priority given to those with the greatest needs.

Video produced by: Rebecca Seale, Armin Farhoudi, and Catherine Monteith-Pistor

If you are new to Canada, we can help you learn about :

• Canadian culture and traditions
• Community resources
• Recreational opportunities and
• Social/job networks.

The program also provides an opportunity to practise English.

Volunteer Opportunities with the Matching Program:

Our volunteers learn about cultures and traditions of other countries and become acquainted with the many skills and knowledge that immigrants and refugees bring to Canada, as well as developing a greater understanding of the challenges newcomers face.

Patience, kindness, an open mind and an interest in other cultures are very important qualities of our volunteers.

It is our hope this program will create a friendship that lasts beyond the six-month commitment.

The Matching Program is accepting new volunteers at this time. For other volunteer opportunities, please visit CCI Ottawa’s Volunteers Page.