Tens of thousands of international students arrive in Canada every year with the dream of receiving a world class education.

After they earn their degree and experience life in Canada, many choose to stay. But the path to permanent residency is not always an easy one.

And getting a job after graduation is only possible if they can successfully obtain a work permit or their PR card.

CCI Ottawa has a new program that helps them find employment while they’re in school. A student who earns a degree AND works is a quality candidate for a PR card.

Canada benefits because these students are familiar with Canada and have work experience.

Sebastian Mundarain, the coordinator of CCI’s International Student Project, says Canada needs immigrants to strengthen its economy. International students are great candidates.

To help students become employable, Sebastian helps them with resumes, job interview skills, job search skills. He also teaches them about workplace culture.

As a member of the Settlement Program, he can also help or refer international students to other settlement services.