Meet Josephine, a CCI client who wants to share the story of her first job in Ottawa.

My name is Josephine and working at Dollarama was one of my first work experiences in Canada.

I worked at the cash register and in the store answering customers’ questions and stocking shelves. I also helped clean and prepare the store before opening.

Working at Dollarama was such an inspiring moment for me. I got to meet new and different kinds of people and customers especially when working downtown. The more you work with customers of different goods it helps you improve your English and learn prices of different items. Stocking the store shelves with items helps you remember where a specific item is if a customer asks for it.

Point to note: No matter what challenges you may face while working with customers, be patient, stay calm and find a way to overcome the situation in order to keep your job. Don’t become rude or reply to them in an abusive manner, if you can’t find the solution call either the supervisor or the manager for help.

At Dollarama, team work was very important. Everyone was friendly and interested in helping me. This was my first job working as a cashier and using a computer. I also didn’t know how to count Canadian coins at the time but my team really taught me everything and I’m grateful for that.