You can help build a strong, vibrant, and inclusive community

Your Giving Tuesday donation gives newcomers the confidence to reach their full potential

Building a vibrant community is not easy. One of the ways CCI does this is through our Community and Employment Connection team. This team diligently creates workshops and activities for all our newcomer clients to learn about life in Canada, and get chances to have hands-on experiences. Activities like going to museums, and cultural events. Or learning sessions about living in Canada (like how to drive in the winter!).

Cooking workshops held for youth
Art workshops held for youth at CCI Ottawa

Newcomers get to meet others like them who are new to Canada, but also see first-hand how welcoming and friendly Canadians are, creating a sense of real belonging as they navigate the challenges of adapting to life in Canada.

These workshops really only happen because of you! Your support allows us to host activities that aren't fully funded by other institutions. Please help us help our newest neighbours feel welcome!

Together we are building a more welcoming community!