When Cleo was a little girl in Taiwan, she dreamed of being a doctor.

She studied hard and one day realized her dream. But when she moved to Canada with her husband, that dream almost died … until she connected with the Catholic Centre for Immigrants.

Thanks to our Career Transitions Program, Cleo is getting a second chance to live her dream in Canada. In a few short weeks, she’ll start a two-year residency in medicine.

Career Transitions works with people like Cleo who are health care professionals. Often, they arrive in Canada only to discover their credentials aren’t accepted here.

Some, like Cleo, get a second chance while others are taught how to translate their skills to other positions in the health care sector. Some immigrants transition to research or find employment as a technician at a medical facility.

We help them find the job opportunities, ensure their resume matches what employers are looking for and teach them interview skills.

 “I can’t say enough good things about the help I got from the program.” says Cleo. “The Canadian health care system is very accessible to everyone and I’m looking forward to being a doctor.”

While waiting for her chance, Cleo embraced the Canadian winter. Soon after she moved here, she took skating and skiing lessons. “Taiwan is a tropical country and I had never seen snow before. I was quite excited,” she says.

In two years, Cleo will also be able to call herself a Canadian doctor.

Cleo says she’s eagerly looking forward to that special day. “Canadians are so friendly and so open-minded.”