Monthly donations are crucial for an organization like the Catholic Centre for Immigrants. It’s a predictable and stable source of funding. 

More importantly, it lets the families we are helping know they are not forgotten. It takes some time to adjust to a new life in a strange country. That’s why we count on the generosity of the community to ensure refugees and immigrants get the support they need.

Meiz, one of our monthly donors, explains why he supports the Catholic Centre for Immigrants and why he became a monthly donor.

Q. Why do you donate monthly to CCI?

A. For many reasons. I think CCI over the last 20 years has established itself as a home away from home for refugees and immigrants. They help many people from around the world. CCI needs my support to help make new Canadians comfortable. A lot of people who come to Canada are not familiar with the immigration process. They get the help they need thanks to CCI.

Q. Why is the plight of refugees and immigrants important to you?

A.Refugees and immigrants are the core of the growth of this country. Many Canadians do not realize it. Whether it’s our social spending, our CPP (Canada Pension Plan), or taxes, these are the people who will help ensure Canada grows and prospers.

Q.How easy was it to become a monthly donor?

A.It was very easy to become a CCI monthly donor. It’s very important, when we can, to make a contribution to an organization like CCI that helps so many people regardless of their religion.

* * *
To become a monthly donor, please call Dora at 613-232-9634, ext. 359 or visit our donation page.