Settlement Services

Our Settlement Services provide immigrants and refugees with services that they need when they arrive in Canada.

Our services are free, confidential, non-discriminatory and culturally sensitive.

If you are a recent immigrant, we can help you.

  • Our staff will meet with you to assess your needs and will help you to resolve the issue or refer you to other specialized services in the community.
  • Our staff can answer your questions such as: how to find a place to live, where to learn a new language, how to obtain Canadian documents, how to find work, how to sponsor your family, how to get medical assistance, and many more.
  • We provide you with information and orientation about education and the school system, government and community services, social benefits, health care, finding a job, housing, etc. and respond to all your inquiries about life in Canada. We also offer group information sessions on important topics to help you to gain knowledge and access additional resources.
  • We provide you with basic information about immigration and citizenship processes and help you fill out various forms and applications.
  • Our Supportive Counselling services are available to assist you or your family to develop skills to cope with stress and ease the transition to a new culture and environment.
  • Through the combined expertise of our staff and volunteers, we are able to provide services in many languages. We also refer you to translation services if there is a need to translate your documents.

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Immigrants represent almost one quarter of the population of the City of Ottawa.

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