CCI Ottawa is resuming its Volunteer Program activities. During our current COVID-19 situation, our first priority is to ensure the safety of everyone at CCI, and in the greater Ottawa community. We will continue to follow the advice of Public Health officials and will not support any face-to face interactions between staff, volunteers and/or clients.

However, we also recognize this is a time when newcomers are feeling isolated and in need of extra support from the community. As a result, we are actively recruiting new volunteers to support newcomers in our programs remotely using a variety of methods (i.e.: check in calls, emails, social media contact, online workshops and webinars etc.)   

We also encourage our current volunteers to contact their direct supervisors at CCI to discuss current opportunities to support CCI programs and services remotely. We will make every effort to keep our valued team of volunteers up to date on any changes to the volunteer programs and services at CCI and will continue to post updates on our CCI Volunteer Page


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Immigrants represent almost one quarter of the population of the City of Ottawa.

Welcoming Newcomers to Ottawa since 1954

CCI Ottawa celebrated our 60th anniversary in 2014. Your contribution as a Donor, Member, or Volunteer tells us that you value the work we do together to integrate newcomers from every part of the world.

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