Newcomer Education

The Newcomer Education series builds on the topics presented by our guest speakers but with an emphasis for the classroom.

The goal is to educate students about a number of issues surrounding refugees and immigration as well as show them how they can help create a welcoming community for all newcomers.

Teachers can request presentations be tailored to certain topics such as history of immigration in Ottawa, current needs and challenges, real-life experiences and more. Many of our staff are immigrants and can help teach students about immigration from specific countries as well as the culture of their homelands. 

We also work closely with a number of organizations that can offer expert presenters in specific areas. For example, a women’s issues class might want to learn about immigrant women in Ottawa. We can provide you with the right presenter to ensure your class gets the maximum learning experience.

We also have presenters who can speak about the experience of youth immigrants mindful of the fact that there are students in your school who are newcomers.

All of our presentations can include videos, photos and handouts if requested. Students who have been assigned immigration projects/essays can also contact us for materials or to ask questions.

To find out how we can enhance the knowledge of your students, please email Don Ermen at or phone 613-232-9634, ext. 312.