Thank you for reaching out to learn more about our Afghan resettlement efforts. Below are answers to some of the more popular questions we have been asked.


Are there volunteer opportunities?

If you speak Dari or Pashto, then yes, there will likely be volunteer opportunities for you. However, we are still working on our volunteer opportunities. Once we have the Afghans in their new homes, we want to surround them with support groups of Canadians who can help them adapt to life in Canada and show them the ropes of what life is like in Ottawa. If you would like to put your name on a list of potential volunteers, please email our Volunteer Engagement Facilitator Bryn Johnson.

Do you need clothing or furniture?

We would prefer if you donated furniture to Helping With Furniture. They are the organization we turn to when helping all newcomers with their furniture needs. Clothing donations can be made to St. Vincent de Paul, another organization we work with.

Are you accepting financial donations?

Absolutely. Although the federal government does pay for the bulk of settlement services, we still rely on donations from the community to offer programs and services to newcomers, including the Afghan citizens who arrived on August 23. Please make a donation here.

What services are you offering Afghan refugees?

The first thing we are doing is finding them their first Ottawa home. Having their own home will make the settlement process more smooth. For those who need to learn English, we will help them with that. We will support them as they look for work. We will assess their health needs and make the appropriate referrals. We will enroll their children into school. Through workshops and activities, we will introduce them to life in Ottawa and help them make friends. We will help them feel safe and at home.