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About our Services

The Catholic Centre for Immigrants (CCI) Career Transitions Program can help you connect with skilled, experienced health professionals who are ready to make a contribution to your organization. There is no cost to employers for accessing services and our focus is solely on connecting employers with the right candidates for the right position.

How it Works

  • Career Transitions staff work with you to determine the needs of your organization.
  • Job Developers pre-screen candidates from our database to find potential applicants that fit your needs.
  • Only qualified candidates that we feel will be a good fit will be forwarded to your hiring team.

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Our candidates successfully transition into these and other roles

Anaesthesia Assistant – University of Ottawa

Anatomy Demonstrator – University of Ottawa

Assistant Pharmacist

Clinical Assistant – Pap Clinic

Clinical Evaluator

Clinical Skills Instructor – University of Ottawa

Communicable Diseases Researcher

First Aid Instructor

Laboratory Assistant



Medical Interpreter

Medical Translator

Physician Assistant

Research Coordinator

Settlement / Health Integration Counsellor


Sonography Assistant and Data Entry Clerk

Project Coordinator – Champlain Diabetes SCREEN Project

Project Manager

Registered Massage Therapist


Communicable Diseases Researcher

Addiction Counsellor

Aesthetics Presenter

Blood Typer

Cancer Patient Support (Inpatient/Outpatient)

Chair of Community Committee

Clinical Research – Epidemiology

Medical Observership

Multicultural Health Promoter

Patient and Family Support

Personal Support Worker (PSW)


Patient Transportation Coordinator

Policy Development and Research Assistant

Research Assistant

Women’s Shelter Client-Board Liaison

Community Health Committee Member/Board Member

Community Health Presenter

Lactation Consultant

Medical Centre Program Coordinator

Community Health Group Facilitator

For information on how we can add value to your organization, contact us today!

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