Career Transitions Program

About the Program

The Career Transitions Program is a comprehensive employment preparation program for internationally trained health professionals. The program provides focused training to help you transition your skills and knowledge into health care related roles.

Delivered in partnership with World Skills, the program is funded by the Government of Ontario. There is no cost for participating in the Career Transitions Program. Our services include networking events and employer outreach specific to the health sector. Services extend as long as you continue to participate. Our passionate and experienced team works with you to assist you in your efforts to find meaningful employment. This partnership between participants and program staff is critical to everyone’s success!

Eligibility Criteria

  • You must be an internationally trained medical doctor or other international health professional.
  • You must be a Permanent Resident, Convention Refugee or a Canadian citizen born abroad.
  • You must have a Canadian Language Benchmark score of 7 or higher.
  • You bring a positive and flexible attitude along with a sincere desire to move forward.
  • You are available to attend and participate in 11 workshops and fulfill workshop tasks.

Program Content

  • How to adapt to Canadian workplace culture
  • How to identify your transferable skills
  • How to job search and identify employment opportunities
  • How to write effective résumés and cover letters
  • How to market yourself while networking, in interviews and in social media
  • How to succeed in job interviews

    You Receive
  • Weekly emails with the latest job postings, volunteer opportunities and networking and learning events
  • Ongoing support with resumés, cover letters and applications
  • Special opportunities based on your specific talents and skills from employers and community partners

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